Sobre la felicitat

On Happiness | Edicions 62, 2013

With the brilliance, sensitivity, precision, and lyricism that characterize his style and that have brought him legions of faithful readers, Joan Barril reveals to us his vision of happiness in this book.

After Sobre l'amor (Ed. 62, 2007), Sobre la distància (Ed. 62, 2008), and Sobre els plaers (Ed. 62, 2009), Sobre la felicitat joins this series in which Joan Barril reveals his philosophy of life.

Through a series of articles and short stories, the author, a master observer, reflects on friendship, affection, love, the passage of time, solitude, and memory, and invites us to approach happiness, to live intensely, to enjoy and share the little pleasures of each day, finding them in any and all corners of our ordinary life.

«The tales and reflections in this book may not bring us complete happiness, but they remind us that we might run into it at any time through one of those random events in which life puts us to the test, telling us we don’t have to just put up with the dull dance of the day-to-day. They aren’t fiction per se, they are essences of happiness conceived with survival in mind. I am placing myself at my readers’ disposal to keep them company and share part of my own happiness. Neither I nor anyone should be willing to let someone else steal our joy.» Joan Barril