Nos llamamos y otros cuentos del domingo

Ediciones B, 2003 | I’ll Give You a Call, and Other Sunday Stories

(I’ll give you a call, and other Sunday stories) A movie star who is able to burst into the life of an admirer thanks to some special effects (very special) in the film; a summer holidaymaker, who returns home and begins to notice strange things happening around him, as if he had not returned from a pleasure trip, but from journey through time; two pilgrims on the road to Santiago – him on the bike, her on foot – whose paths cross again and again without them ever meeting; a famous gorilla whose biography gets mixed up with the entire history of humanity, or an international summit with a final declaration decided in the early hours of the morning with the help of a couple of tins of caviar...

With his usual witticism, humour and sensitivity, Joan Barril has reflected week after week in El Periódico de Catalunya his own peculiar way of seeing the world in these Sunday tales, which have the unique virtue of being based on real life without being conjectural, and at the same time they manage to raise a smile and to cause bit of reflection.