Crisis de ansiedad

Anxiety Attack | Reservoir Books/PRH, 2013

» One of the Best Books 2013 according to El Confidencial newspaper

Over the course of two and a half years, Juanjo Sáez’s daily strip appeared in the newspaper Ara. During this time, it seemed that the whole world (and Spain in particular) had been brought to its knees.

Much the same can be said of the author, transformed into a character lost in the void of his own drawings. This collection brings together those strips, alongside a handful of long-form pieces, all appearing for the first time in print and taking on the same issues.

Sketched in deceptively simple lines, with the comedy touch and biting irony that are his hallmarks, Juanjo Sáez shows us his increasingly bleak world view in the wake of the painful loss of some of his loved ones. At the same time, he portrays the unstoppable advance of the savage global crisis, bringing with it the fear of losing what we hold most dear and who we are.

As well as an autobiographical account with a tragicomic bent, this book is, above all, a sharp-eyed analysis of the world we live in. Juanjo Sáez is a keen observer, who, appealing to our funny bone, urges us to keep our hopes up and to build a better, brighter world.