Juanjo SÁEZ

Juanjo Sáez  (Barcelona, 1972) is a professional cartoonist. After studying art and design, he wrote and illustrated several advertising campaigns for various international brands, such as Nike, Perrier, Converse or Vodafone / Lowi. He is also a regular contributor to various newspapers and magazines, as well as radio.

He is the creator of two animated TV series for adults so far: Arròs covat (winner of an Ondas TV Prize 2010) and Heavies tendres, both with his characteristic sense of humor and tenderness.

He has published  almost a dozen works. Among them on should not fail to mention Buenos tiempos para la muerte (Morsa, 2000), Dentro del sombrero (Kókinos, 2001), Viviendo del cuento (Penguin Random House, 2004 / Astiberri, 2019– Junceda Illustration Award), followed by the international hit El Arte. Conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre (Penguin Random House, 2006), Crisis de ansiedad (Penguin Random House, 2013) and Hit emocional (Sexto Piso, 2015). In 2016 he published a special 10th anniversay edition of El Arte. Conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre (Astiberri, 2016), that includes extra materials.

His latest published work is the graphic novel For my Loved Ones (Temas de Hoy, 2021), his most personal one.

Para los míos

For My Loved Ones | Temas de Hoy/Planeta, 2021

Heavies tendres

Tender Metalheads | Animation Series | TV3, 2018

El Arte. Conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre

Art. Imaginary Conversations With My Mother | Astiberri, 2016

Hit emocional

Emotional Hit | Sexto Piso, 2015

Crisis de ansiedad

Anxiety Attack | Reservoir Books/PRH, 2013

Arròs covat

You’re Past your Due Date | Mondadori, 2010


I, an egocentric book | Mondadori, 2010

Viviendo del cuento

Poseurs | Mondadori, 2004

Dentro del sombrero

Inside the Hat | Kókinos, 2001

Buenos tiempos para la muerte

Good Times for Death | Morsa, 2000