Viviendo del cuento

Poseurs | Mondadori, 2004

Barcelona, 2004. A city with a high percentage of designers. And bars. And clubs. And musicians. And fashion. A style city?

Using as a base the portrait of an artist’s life (his own), Juanjo Sáez surveys the new underground culture of the rising generation. With a deceptively simple drawing style and a great sense of humour, he shows us the emptiness and absurdity of this world.

Juanjo Sáez reflects on the role of the artist in our society, burdened with responsibilities and insecurities. He touches on such topics as the resurgence of a cheap version of the punk movement, the anorexic look of models, the acritical follower’s mentality that results from the cult of advertising, and even the politically correct promotion of homosexual culture. Viviendo del cuento is a graphic biography of a generation and a scene, a ruthless sociological analysis that never loses its sense of humour.