I, an egocentric book | Mondadori, 2010

» Considered as one of the graphic novels in the canon according to Culturas, by La Vanguardia

In this egocentric book Juanjo Sáez observes and laughs at his own defects. When everybody is talking about themselves in social networks, Juanjo Sáez has brought ego to the extreme with his characteristic style.

A reflective book, introspection in his life and his work, playing with his cards uncovered without ever losing his sense of humor.

Honest and incisive, innocent and provocative, original and funny, the author deals with the subjects that define his work: what is art, how does the artist live, the fears and insecurities that he –and the reader- is facing. Like he states, “drawing gives you a loudspeaker with which to condemn something and you have to make the most of it”. A book that goes straight to the heart.