El Arte. Conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre

Art. Imaginary Conversations With My Mother | Astiberri, 2016

» 10th anniversary edition with extra materials

Why is it that we all have something to say in front of a beautiful sunset and we feel inhibited in front of a consecrated work of art?

Straddling the line between essay, autobiography and novel, Juanjo Sáez reconstructs some of the most interesting chapters in the History of Art. However this is no pompous, dogmatic academic text, but rather the complete opposite. Through an imagined conversation with his mother, Juanjo Sáez invites the reader to reflect on art’s purpose and on the figure of the artist. Calder, Picasso, Warhol, Dalí, Chillida, Duchamp all appear in this sui generis trip through art history that doesn’t shy away from personal reminiscences, calls idées reçues into question and reveals that we can all enjoy art.

El Arte, conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre is a book like no other; original, fun and innovative. A fabulous blend of a daring essay with an educational graphic novel.