D’on trec el temps

Where I Find the Time | Empúries, 2017

«Whenever some well-meaning moderator insists on reading my CV before a presentation, I shudder. I am taken aback by the sheer amount of my output that has been recorded. Everyone does stuff, and in the digital era, everything is on record. In my case, the verb to publish lies at the heart of what I do, which is, by extension, very public: novels, articles, crosswords, radio and TV programmes, translations, social media, seminars …»

So says Màrius Serra in the introduction to his new book, an intriguing and delightful meditation on where and how to find those elusive hours that slip through our fingers in a world that moves at a frenetic pace.

The author began publishing books at the age of twenty-four, almost three decades ago now, and hasn’t stopped since. Which explains why many people have the same observation to make: “I don’t know where you find the time”. In this book, the author explores the hidden nooks and crannies in which time can be found and helps us reflect on our day-to-day lives and the way we manage our affairs. “I believe I’ve managed to unveil all my secrets, all bar one, though not for want of trying. The only thing I have failed to reveal (for I have no idea how to) is where the hell I found the time to write this book."