Farce | Planeta, 2006

» Ramon Llull Prize

In 1856 Robert-Houdin, the father of modern magic, travels to Algeria sent by the French government to convince the Algerians of the superiority of enlightened reason. In Barcelona, 2004, a magician that is fascinated by Houdin presents a trick with a closet that had belonged to the Frenchman.

A Maghrebi immigrant enters it and comes out converted into a proper Barcelonan: he speaks without an accent, he can sing the national anthem, and he’s a card-carrying member of the Barcelona Football Club. Then he disappears. The show is a huge success, but the continuing disappearances of immigrants start to cause alarm within society. The key to the mystery lies in the Barcelona Casino. Màrius Serra reveals the farce within some of our public behaviors and leads us to an unexpected outcome in this brilliant parody of contemporary society.