Les aventures de la Napeu. El Perepunyetes i la Tiquismiquis

Estrella Polar, 2021

Eve and everyone from the house of colonies, along with Alf and Bet, go on an excursion to the Grevolosa beech forest, and there the first doubts and adventures begin: How many feet does a centipede have? And a millipede?

These and other questions will take the friends to places as different as Cádiz or Constantinople, where they will learn the origin of words that they would never say have such a curious and funny story! In addition, Eve will have to make a couple of emergency rescues, one of them, in a prison! But as always, the power and knowledge of books will be the solution to the unforeseen events of this restless and lively gang.

Finding out the meaning of words has never been so much fun!