Still | Empúries, 2018

"This book covers seven years in the life of our son Lluís Serra Pablo, alias Llullu, who was born with serious brain disease which neurological science has been unable to define, writes the author. Seven years after his birth, medical terminology has not got beyond 'brain disease of unknown origin', popular language palms us off with the, fairly clear, 'cerebral palsy' and administrative language sums him up as 85% disabled.

At home these labels count for little. He has his own particular needs, but this just means that we are more aware of his fragility. Our aim is to ensure that neither his sister nor we fail to do anything that we would have done if he had not come into the world with 15% ability. It is not always possible, but more often than not it is just a case of doing things differently.

In Quiet I have searched for a narrative way of explaining the ambivalent emotional state that is caused by having a son who is not progressing adequately. It is a situation often exposed to needles of pain, but one in which pleasure and a certain fascination predominate. It seems to me that the best way was to rescue specific scenes from my memory and put them into motion. He and those like him act as mirrors. All of us who look at ourselves closely in them age in a different way."