Montevideo | Seix-Barral, 2022

Montevideo. A true fiction.
What if life is what happens to us because of literature?

In the midst of a period of personal and literary transformation, the narrator of this novel starts to see signs on doors and in neighboring rooms, symbols that unite Paris with Cascais,

Montevideo, Rejkjavik, St. Gallen, and Bogota, silently bringing him back to writing, to the desire to transform into living pages certain experiences that cry out to be retold.

«Recently you’ve turned into one of those writers things happen to. Hopefully you’ll understand that your fate is to be a man who wants to rise up, be reborn, exist again. Let me repeat: rise up. Your fate is in your hands, the key to the new door.»

Montevideo is an authentic work of fiction, a major treatise on the ambiguity of the world as a characteristic of our time, a novel in which Vila-Matas is at his best, finding a way to give things new names at a time when it seems everything has been said––a feat all the more admirable because the nucleus of this work is nothing more nor less than the modernity of the novel itself.