David B. GIL

David B. Gil (Cádiz, 1979) has a degree in Journalism, a postgraduate degree in Multimedia Design and a master's degree in Social Media Management. He has worked as an editorial writer and has published articles for DC Comics in Spain and Latin America. He has also been responsible for communication and social networks in different political organisations, as well as editor in several media.

El Guerrero a la sombra del cerezo was a finalist for Grupo Planeta's Fernando Lara Prize and has been the only self-published work to win a Hislibris Historical Novel Prize. To date, it continues to be the best rated historical fiction by readers of Amazon Spain.

Hijos del dios binario (PRH/ Suma, 2016), his second novel, was a finalist for the Ignotus Award and chosen as the best science fiction work in Spanish in 2016 by publications such as Xataka, Hobby Consolas and La Casa de El.

El Guerrero a la sombra del cerezo (PRH/ Suma, 2017) was finally published in paper and has become a success with more than 10 reprints.

In 2019 he published the historical thriller Ocho millones de dioses (PRH / Suma, 2019), which climbed to the top of the Amazon bestseller lists weeks before publication.

In 2022 he returned to the Japanese scene with Forjada en la tormenta (PRH / Suma, 2022), winner for the HisLibris 2023 Award for Best Historical Novel and finalist for Best Author. He is, to date, the best rated Spanish author in Goodreads.



» Three HisLibris Awards Winner
» Finalist for the HisLibris Award 2023 for Best Author

Forjada en la tormenta

Forged in the Storm | Suma/PRH, 2022

Ocho millones de dioses

Eight Million Gods | Suma/PRH, 2019

El guerrero a la sombra del cerezo

The Warrior Under the Cherry-Tree | Suma/PRH, 2017

Hijos del dios binario

Children of the Binary God | Suma/PRH, 2016