Les calces al sol

Panties Hanging on the Line | La Campana, 2022

» 17th reprint
» #1 bestseller for 40 weeks

This bestseller is the funniest and freshest debut in Catalan in years! A story that will make you laugh, cry and enjoy life’s unexpected twists and turns. Written with a full throttle rhythm and imposible to put down, this is a novel about the vital changes that make us grow up.

One day Rita Racons finds herself at Barcelona airport ready to board a plane to New York, where she is supposed to take English lessons, experience the city and find her place in the world. However, she will end up working as an au-pair in Atlanta and taking care of the Bookland family’s three children with high capacities for a whole year.

The Booklands are the antithesis of the classic American family cliché. Intelligent, well-educated, and deeply brainy, they hope that the new au-pair will be up to the standards demanded by the privileged minds of their children. She won’t be, and yet, Rita and her constant chaos will lead the kids to experience life beyond books.

During her time in Atlanta, Rita will miss her family, dare to do everything, expand her mind until, suddenly, one day, she will find what she has been looking for: her true vocation.