Historia de España contada a las niñas

History of Spain Told to Girls | La Casa Encendida, 2020

» Winner of the 2018 Puchi Award
» Winner of the Cálamo Otra Mirada Prize, 2019
» Winner of the Valencian Literary Critics’ Narrative Prize, 2019

Part journalistic reporting, part pamphlet, part country drama, part pulp, History of Spain Told to Girls takes events and places from our recent history and gives them back to us in the form of a corrosive, polyphonic, vibrant puzzle. Kidnapping, Rohypnol, matriarchs, clueless gallerists, online communities of anorexic teenagers, and UFO appearances help form this choral novel in fragments, a brutal story that despite everything retains a constant longing for redemption.

*Working in conjunction with La Casa Encendida