Més execrables que mai

The More Abominable, The Better | Rosa dels Vents/PRH, 2024

The repertoire of characters who made history history but hide truly abominable lives is expanding!

In this new batch of the most abominable illustrious people in history, Malcolm Otero and Santi Giménez take a good look at characters as respected as the Queen of England Elizabeth II, they give the red card to football idols such as Pelé and Maradona and review literary references such as Mercè Rodoreda, Virginia Woolf and Saint-Exupéry.

After this raid of myths and references, the authors give us a bonus track to make us forgive them: a compilation of unpublished characters they have never talked about on the radio.

In this new volume we find a fresh crop of illustrious characters who will go down in history and who, thanks to the work of Malcolm Otero and Santi Giménez, will do so with a portrait that is a little more in tune with reality and without renouncing the bad humour and sarcasm (a trademark of the house).