El lunes nos querrán

On Monday They Will Love Us | Edicions 62, 2021; Destino, 2021

» Nadal Prize 2021
» Bookstar Award 2023
» Premio Europeo Rapallo 2023 shortlist

«Powerful reasons lead me to write about us: we didn’t know at the time but we were conquering new territories—that were unthinkable for our mothers—and tearing down all the veils, scraping holes in impenetrable walls with flimsy little spoons, quite unaware.»

A revealing, moving narrative about how important it is for women to take charge of their own lives even if they have to confront constraints of gender, social class and origins. This is the story of the arduous path to freedom.

Dilluns ens estimaran tells the story of a seventeen-year-old girl who wants to find the freedom to discover what will make her happy. But her starting-point is problematic. She lives in an oppressive environment she won’t be able to leave behind without paying a price that is too high.

It all begins the day she meets a girl whose parents live their cultural situation without being tied down by the rest of the community, and who embodies what she longs to be. Her new friend confronts the first challenges life brings her as a woman with an energy, expectation and drive that fascinate her and impel to follow in her footsteps.