El don de la fiebre

Seix Barral, 2018 | The Gift of Fever

(The Gift of Fever) A novel with a classical spirit and yet written with the poetic and original style that has earned him the applause of critics and readers in Spain and France.
Messiaen was born with a gift: he has flawless hearing and can identify the quality, timbre and even colour of any sound. Over time he emerges as one of the most celebrated composers in France and the world over. Cuenca Sandoval recounts the life of an artist in thrall to religion, birdlife and music, a musician with his head in the clouds plucked by History and placed on the front in the Second World War, in a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp (where he composes and debuts his most famous piece), as a lecturer at the Conservatory in occupied Paris, and an unusual husband to his two great loves.