Breve historia de la Tierra (con nosotros dentro)

A Brief History of Earth | Temas de hoy, 2010

In Breve historia de la Tierra, paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga made an exciting journey through the history of the biosphere form its origins to today and make a special emphasis on man’s relationship with the Earth.

The Earth is a planet with a long history upon which occurred, over thousands of millions of years, something extraordinary: life was born. Since then, the activity of the various distinct organisms has been creating the environmental conditions in which we, the species Homo sapiens, came into the world. Having arrived recently, like all other human beings, we’ve left our mark. For a short time, about ten thousand years, it began to behave in an extremely peculiar manner: instead of adapting to the environment, we began to modify it to our advantage. Since then one could say that our mark has become more of a stamp of the foot.

Many human beings are dirty and wasteful and the plan has suffered the consequences. But without air, without water, without soil, and without other living things, we will not be able to survive. The Earth is a wonderful place, but we “use it” without thinking that she must continue to live for our children and our children’s children.