Los hemisferios

Seix Barral, 2014 | The Hemispheres

(The Hemispheres) A pulsating novel with shades of Cortazar’s Hopscotch, Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Dreyer’s The Word, Woolf’s Orlando and Tony Scott’s The Hunger. Addictive, unsettling writing.
Gabriel and Hubert go back a long way. During one madcap summer of youth, under the spell of alcohol, drugs and the silver screen, they suffer a car accident in which a young woman loses her life. Although the two men part ways soon after, their fate will forever be marked by the tragic event. Indeed, the years go by and Hubert is now an enfant terrible, the acclaimed filmmaker Mairet-Levi; while Gabriel, a literary author of some renown, struggles to break free from the heavy shackles of guilt… but all it takes is a phone call out of the blue from Hubert to set a deranged cycle in motion: the obsessive, never-ending search for that First Woman, beyond the limits of space and time.
In a language as finely calibrated as it is disturbing, the reader bears witness to the cosmic jest that is reliving the same events in an eternal loop: being reincarnated only to lose, over and over again, the woman you love, never able to save or possess her. A novel that draws mirror-like parallels between two “hemispheres”  –the novel by Gabriel and the novel by María Levi /Hubert Mairet-Levi- the reader surrenders to the charms of a fable with no moral.