Tierra de campos

Rolling Fields | Anagrama, 2007

» Booksellers Recommend Award
» PEN Translation Award
» Prix du Roman FNAC

Like all Trueba’s works, this novel combines humour and melancholy, deals with family and loneliness, with the conflicts brought about by love and desire, professional and emotional frustration and the passion for learning. An intense, profound journey in which the traces and scars left by the passing of time can be felt.

The musician Dani Mosca, that fashioned an identity for himself by dint of ideals and dreams, as well as the odd helping of self-delusion and lies, set outs on a journey to bury his father in the village of his birth. Along the way, he looks back on his own past and comes face to face with his present. Who is the real Dani Mosca? Perhaps, as he himself claims, he is just some guy who writes songs, love songs mostly. But also, the child who grew up in a down-at-heel neighbourhood under his parents’ deep-rooted values. Someone who found friendship of the most meaningful sort in the haphazard way one tends to stumble across the great things in life, someone who travelled and revelled in plying his trade as a musician...

Underpinned by a sturdy structure, David Trueba once again brings his prodigious narrative prowess to bear, turning his penetrating gaze on the baffling contradictions that surround us and venturing forth, clear-eyed, into the labyrinth of emotion and feelings. The outcome is a dazzling book that throbs with life on every page.